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                                     Medium School


All classes must be paid for at the time of registration, and must be paid one week in advance. If you can’t make the class you paid for notification must be received no later than two (2) days before class. Class fees are nonrefundable and can be applied toward future classes. 


     You Are A Medium - The Journey of Opening to the Other Side


Tap into your medium ability to communicate with those who have passed on.

·       The spirit world is all around us here in the physical plane, but most of the    

        · The spirit world is all around us here in the physical plane, but most of the time
         we can’t see it or sense it in any way

      · Studying mediumship grows your own spiritual understanding, and allows you to  
        help others. 

      · Find out the difference between medium and psychic.

        · Learn meditations and rituals to tune into those on the other side.

        · Learn how to establish contact and communicate with those on the other.

        · Meet guides and other spirits who help you tune in so you can receive info from
        friends and love ones who passed.

        · Understand and trust your instinct. Gain seniority that you are seeing a spirit and
         not making it up. 

        · Join a sitting group to hone your medium ability and your communicating.



This is an ongoing 4 month program with a weekly sitting group of students and graduates that goes in depth into using and gaining seniority in your medium space.
Learn tools, meditation, meet spirit guides and other spirits who help and assist us in contacting those who are on the other side.

Prerequisite: In order to have the skills required for this program, the Foundation Program (Energy Tools & Intuition) and the first four classes of the Clairvoyant Program are required before signing up for this course.


Class meets on Sundays. (Check out calendar) Cost is $120 per class. With a $10 weekly meeting cost per person for the Sitting Circle. 


Medium Clinics for those wishing to contact passed loved ones open to the public. Cost $20 per person. Dates not determined yet.


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Your Are a Medium





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